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Re: Tadayuki Satoh Shihan Seminar on Aug 14th

Just got back from the U.S. National Tomiki Aikido Tournament in Campbell. Sato-sensei covered various types of kaeshiwaza over the 3 days as well as some new forms of tai sabaki that maximizes the use of hips and spine in a whip-like action.

His focus on executing subtle kuzushi in the midst of a technique using I Do Ryoku (movement power) and tegatana were very very interesting.

He also shared some Budo history showing the similarities and differences between Aikido and Judo and the importance of ma ai.

He did not specifically go through aiki age and aiki sage in detail, but they were critical aspects to almost every principle and technique taught.

Any Aikidoka will do well to catch him before he leaves the U.S. this weekend. His assistant, Konaka sensei is also quite adept. Sato's teaching is focused on martial application of aiki principles so I think its appeal crosses any stylistic boundaries.

Just my 2 cents after training with him this weekend.


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