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Re: Teaching Aikido - Require Coaching Course?

To respond to Carsten Möllering

I agree with all you are saying.

In reference to :

" Hm, etiquette, setting, procedure, working on kata and so on are mostly set in an aikido class. They equal each other in a whole lot of dojo all over the world. The "role play" is set by the system of sensei-sempai-kohai."

I totally agree. When one trains for a number of years with a "good" sensei we learn these aspects of our art.

"So what does it help to know these things above? *(physiology etc.)
Or - the other way round - don't you think you learn all this in every aikido class. But in relation to what you are doing in the dojo?"

Yes and no. I'm not saying that coaching courses are or should be the answer and because they do not teach how to specifically instruct martial arts but the considerations that are brought up in these courses can provide a useful foundation that can be used in ones teaching and methodology.

" Do those courses mention terms like "ki"? Or "budo"? Or all those phenomenons which are "special" to aikido and other MA but have no place in modern sports?"

No they don't ... this is what we learn in the process of studying aikido over the years and can only be learnt ( mainly) by traditional means

"I experienced that the coaching courses offered over here led to some very interesting conflicts. "

I once more totally agree.

Thanks for your response. Keep on teaching, rolling, learning and trying to get what I have found the most challenging "activity" I have ever been in. I'm looking forward to another 20 -30 years in the art.


Andrew Barron
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