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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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As much as I wish and hope for this to be true in my experience it does not take care of itself but has to be actively worked on above and beyond the points otherwise made. Maybe I'm just lucky that way.
Well, I totally agree with that.
That's what I meant to imply. It is in the nature of all good relationships (provided they are with healthy people) that if everyone remains as equals, things tend to be self-correcting. Sort of like the big shot movie star coming home to thanksgiving and Christmas.

Good friends and family and making training open and friendly can prevent a lot of potential craziness. I should have added one more item to the teacher list

1. Demand they go out and train with others...hopefully someone better than what ever.

That will also help them...keep you on your toes and in the proper focus. No finer words are better than "Well you're good ...but!"