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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

The path
I think another thought worth considering is that there is an ever growing number of those who were going along training, and who encountered various people with internal power and they could instantly tell the difference.
It used to be easy here to debate a single person or two. It is getting to sound a bit strange, almost like you are "out of touch" this late in the game to be doubting the difference. You now have hundreds of people, including shihan in the art who are not only advocating it, they are training it on a regular basis.
a) It's pretty weird to be doubting something so profound that after one encounter it changed the course of men with 40 years on the mat.
b) Weirder still to be arguing without having anything yourself, to offer as a counter point beside an empty theory that by all accounts has led to nothing out of the ordinary. Not that its a bad thing, but arguing for the ordinary,,,is in itself, simply strange..

Again, I would suggest it is probably not a good idea to just talk about Mike , Ark or myself, so often. It's really far bigger than that. Although I must admit, while there are those with skill...check out their students. If they don't have it....walk away.
Who cares about some guy who can "wow" you. We've all been down that road. If he hasn't made really good students, what makes you think you will be any different?
The one thing that might be exceptional (if at all) about the three talked about here so often, is that people are actively and actually being taught things that are making a difference in their Budo, to make THEM unusual in their arts.
I think that is a very important point. Far more important than loooong opinions and complicated mathmatics offered by people who by all acounts have nothing to offer but ordinary skills.

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