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Kevin Leavitt
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Interesting thought!

I guess you really can't have good without bad, or no conflict without conflict.

I always think the thing that would unite the people of earth together would be if we really did find out there was an alien threat that hated ALL Humans. Boy, what a paradigm shift for the world that would be.

Then all humans would unite since we would have a NEW enemy and conflict.

Maybe instead of studying aikido we should spend our time looking for aliens as a means to world peace!

Conceptually I think it is a worthwhile goal to pursue. And no, I don't think you could ever totally rid the planet of all conflict. there would still be robbers, crooks and thieves. But we have to work towards something that is a worthwhile goal...or what is the point of exsistence?

Might as well not live if we continue to suffer with no hope of things getting better?

So there is the paradox!

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