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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Geeze what kind of malcontents are posting at such ridiculous hours of the day, night and morning . . *peers shiftily from side to side* . . (okay, I have a newborn in the house, what's your excuse?)

Seriously, okay, not seriously (why start now in this thread) . . I don't play well with fake and overdone reishiki . . it smacks of cultism and roleplaying to me and rubs me the wrong way . . but sometimes you suck it up when there's goods to be had.

Over time though, the goods I've been looking for seem to have been more accessible (or easily spotted) in places where less attention is paid on the way something's folded or the angle of a bow or . . other trifling stuff that people tend to bring up because they want to put you in your place.