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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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Nice . . the competent strangers I'm hoping to find in some MMA gyms. The long time friends in martial arts all seem to want to kick my ass, too . . must be my glowing and nurturing personality . .
That's what a couple of us do...just go to BJJ and MMA gyms. It's nice to be my age and no one knows what to do with ya!
As for martial art friends...well seems everyone I know possesses a razor sharp wit, and for some strange reason they like to "hone it" on me.

I read your comments about organizations and fitting in.
We were talking about this the other day. How many of the best teachers I know have this attitude that they are just one of the boys. They don't even like to consider themselves teachers, they would rather hang out with the guys.

I hate doing seminars and being "That guy" I always wanted to beat up "that guy." So I run my seminars and such a way that virtually everyone is equal.and on a first name basis.
No teachers, no ranking no B.S. just the skill you can show with your own two hands on an equal playing field.
Some prominent guys have told me that although training here is like graduate school for teachers, the process feels more like being a kid again and sneaking out of the dorm, hanging with the boys and laughing our butts off. It's what they used to love about the martial arts before it got all messy with obligations and having to be professional.
I do budo for fun, I make it fun.

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