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Re: Shihonage Ukemi

@Carsten: "It is ukes responsibility not to get hurt."

Aikido - even at the jiyuwaza level - is about cooperative training. It is not sparring - where both parties attempt to give and take to the best of their ability while freely defending themselves.

Shi'te signals what attack he wants, where he wants it, and uke delivers it as ordered. These are not real attacks - they are overextended punches or dagger thrusts, ritualized tegetana strikes, scripted grab attempts, etc.

Uke is giving his body to shi'te for shi'te's benefit - whether in training or performance. In many situations, uke willfully places himself in a situations where shi'te could easily and seriously injure uke if he was so inclined. Inherent in that is a sacred trust that shi'te will safeguard his partner.

To place the ultimate responsibility for safety on uke within this paradigm is completely illogical.

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