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Kevin Leavitt
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Good post. I am trying to do exactly what you are saying, and yes, I think it is very much related to Aikido.

I recently purchased 20 acres of land in rural VA mountains. It is a new concept of about 750 acres where 30 of us will agree to live in harmony with nature and be stewards of the land. We are "going green" as you put it.

It is my attempt to get myself in harmony with the land and nature. In addition I am planning on educating people on having an "awareness of nature".

O'Sensei talks a great deal about nature and it's importance. How can you profess to be in harmony if you are neither in harmony with nature and mankind?

Spent the first 20 years of my career studying the killing arts of destruction in the military....will spend the next 20 some years learning how to put it all back together!!

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