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Re: Shihonage Ukemi

Philip Burgess wrote: View Post
In short it was explained it is the responsibility of both people practicing the technique ...
you have to know how to protect yourself from injury, and that is the purpose of taking falls.
Well yes, this is the way we also understand it in the dojo I know:
It is ukes responsibility not to get hurt. This is what makes good ukemi so demanding.

I was taught via the philosophy of Aikido that the Shi has the responsibility not to injury the uke.
Said this short this is not our philosphy:
But it is shites job to react and adopt when he realizes that aite can't take the responsibility for himself.

Rabih Shanshiry wrote: View Post
I've never heard or read about O'Sensei killing a student during a seminar.
Teachers with strong connection to hombu talk about some incidents sometimes.

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
A shidoin once told me that at a certain level of Aikido "you know just enough to be dangerous"
Most aikido I know - me included - are fare away from being dangerous for someon doing another MA.

We train with judoka, karateka, boxers from time to time. And I find it essenial not to overestimate ones skills.


Maybe my story might help others to avoid injury, be thinking aobut different ways etc, in taking Ukemi to avoid injury.[/quote]
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