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Regardless of who is at fault, or who started it, or who needs to provide the leadership....there is a problem.

The problem is hatred and misunderstanding. Until we can correct this problem (We as the world)...then we will all continue to suffer.

We must not define ourselves necessarily as Americans, British, or whatever....we must also define ourselves as world citizens. Until we accept the failures of the world as a whole, then we cannot grow as a human race.

I am not saying that the U.S. should solve everyone's problems or fight everyone's battles. But, we should also not dismiss this issue because it is "their" problem.

to answer the orignial post. I think we must work on making ourselves better people, before we can expect everyone else to follow suit. It starts with personal action.

I know, I know, how is me doing the little things going to solve the big problems. it won't, but what can you do about them directly anyway.

Educating yourself on both sides of the issues. Voting properly for the right officials. Supporting military action when warranted, but also understanding that the peacekeeping that must ensue in important too!

As the only world superpower the U.S. does have a large responsibility, if for no other purpose, to set the example for others to follow. We have a long way to go, but we need to be involved, so others in the U.N. and the rest of the world will also turn to fighting countries and ethnic cleansing etc. and say "we will tolerate this no more"

Until we start acting as a global nation and rid ourselves of Nationalistic ideals, we will never truely have peace!

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