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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Furthermore, this formulaic approach has some merits in that, much like the hand-holding-holistic-IS-in-nature approach, it allows me the ability to "belong" to the internal strength discussion, but insulates me from being on the hook to actually show someone that I can do what I say.
Wait! Are you suggesting that you should actually be able to ask someone who continues to butt in on IP/aiki threads to demonstate what they are talking about and be held to the same standards others were and it not be considered a personal attack??????
Are you sure about that? I have seen people ask in the most polite and straight forward manner and it was not well received by the ones being questioned. In fact I have seen it result in personal attacks on the questioners themselves, including public discussion of their wives and family members..
Were you correct, your idea would be ourageous!
Think of how:
and straightforward that would be; just to ask for them to show, then go to dinner and talk?
We might end up with people involving themselves in IP/ aiki discussions who actually had input that had meaning. and....and...
OMG!! We might even end with more people becoming life long friends!! You know, like you see in Budo!
Budd.... you're having me on aren't you?

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