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I was talking to an instructor at Yoshinkan Hombu the other day, and he said that with the way they do shihonage ukemi, it's not uncommon for the new senshusei to get knocked out when being thrown by the shihan.
Oh, Yeah!
That's really intelligent.
I would love to meet the Shihan and have him try that on me. What do you think that shihans chances would be at pulling off that shihonage throw on Couture? Well actually any decent grappler. Almost impossible I would bet. So, why do that to someone who either isn't allowed to fight back, or doesn't even know how?
Stanley has a great article about Aikido being the most dangerous martial art.(with statistics of injuries). Not because of its techniques, not because of its skill, but because the uke cooperates in his own demise.

Training accidents aside, where is the care and concern for the uke? We are not at war and everyone needs to have the long view in preserving our own safety for each of us. I think that means not accepting abuse, calling people on it and addressing it for the sake of us all. We have all seen enough beat up old budoka. There just is no need.
Why are there so many extremely capable, even dangerous, old grapplers who are just fine?
Why? Self preservation in fighting back. No ukemi!
We can learn to be capable while at least trying to be careful.
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