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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Dude! It does help doesn't it?
I myself am pleased to see that discussing a directed singular force at
y 2 = 2 px or x 2 = 2 py or more so a hyperbolic parabola; creates an angle of deflection that is not equal to the angle of incidence. More so, if the parrabelum has fluid properties and enough cohesive tensegrity to dissipate that force in redirecting. This is how people learn the arts. It's why the older methods were so ineffective at instructing the real masters of old. Today we are sooo much better...right?
It's the real path to internal power.
Wait, wait, I'm talking solely about how the interrelated actualities of the sum of our individualities in the natural world inherently lead to internal strength!!

What you seem to be proposing is more along the lines of a Johnny Quick formula for superpowers . . which if true means I will need to switch my mental paradigm (AGAIN!) to accommodate the scientific nature of appropriated formulaic functions and terms to fit the end result of why my momemtum-consumption based shear proportions confer a knowledge of internal strength via language manipulation on the order of terminology overload.

Furthermore, this formulaic approach has some merits in that, much like the hand-holding-holistic-IS-in-nature approach, it allows me the ability to "belong" to the internal strength discussion, but insulates me from being on the hook to actually show someone that I can do what I say.


In all of these cases, I can appeal to an authority greater than myself . . Look!! Internal Power is in NATURE!!! No, YOU look, Internal Power is in the case studies of human anatomy, SEE??? No, No, No, You fools!! Internal Power is best described by adding scientific layers of descriptors so that it can be completely wrapped and encompassed with pneumatics.

Upon reconsideration, and after thoroughly reviewing your algorithm for a full two minutes I think it serves as an excellent introduction to internal strength, taking it a step further, perhaps talking about how manipulating the angle of incidence via gyrations such that the angle of transference results in everything from nullification in space, to a broad dissipation over multiple surfaces versus a single surface and then borrowing the force to amplify via returning it. Then the metacarpal connective shear to center mass can result in a controlling CPU governor that elicits a continuous stream of system overriding inputs and outputs.

By Jove, I think we're cracking this nut!!

(or at least something's cracked . .)