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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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I am really seeing the benefit of writing this way, it's a whole lot less mentally taxing and doesn't require any true thinking - especially useful while multitasking at work.
Dude! It does help doesn't it?
I myself am pleased to see that discussing a directed singular force at
y 2 = 2 px or x 2 = 2 py or more so, a hyperbolic parabola; creates an angle of deflection that is not equal to the angle of incidence. Bteer still, if the parrabelum has fluid properties and enough cohesive surface tension to dissipate that force in redirecting. A structure with tensegrity to support all sides in the same manner can go off the charts!.
This is how people should learn the arts. It’s why the older methods were so ineffective at instructing the real masters of old. People who think and train this way today are sooo much better...right?
It's the real path to internal power.

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