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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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I realized that I may have been applying standards that were too . . credible . . it is time I loosened up on my definition of Internal Strength/Power/Love/Huggery since really they should all be one and the same and given equal weight in sameness of consideration and scope and thought and hugs.

Having spoken with some of my cubicle kami, furthermore I have decided that actively pursuing internal power according to the standards laid out via demonstration and vetting should be constrained more to simply letting the thoughts that grace my brain as I type this flow right to my fingertips without any need of filter or consideration or logic or research.

I have researched this topic furthermore by looking at menus written with Chinese characters and it is clear that the type of food we eat helps to cultivate true internal *infinite* (because it is all infinite in nature by nature in scope of understanding and by cultivation I mean letting it build up like gas in our stomachs). Let us not be limited in our approach by dictating that terms be understood and methods explained or demonstrated. Instead we should all work for harmony by sharing unconditional internet hugs and accolades for the effort it takes in typing out these thoughts on these topics.

In closing, I hope this helps the initial poster in finding their own path for internal infinite. Because we all by now should agree that as long as we believe what we are doing is truly infinitely internal, that will by nature give us the strength to see the internal for what it truly is, the mirror image of the external, only turned individually inward upon us all at once at the same time.

In additional closing if you the original poster insists on training in internal strength via the cruder space of physical training in person with other people, a potential option could be to visit with someone else with similar crude proclivities of pursuit and activity. At that time there may be a sharing of activity pursuit of proclivation. And that may be a good thing for us all at once at the same time.
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