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Kevin Wilbanks
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Just to add, I recently moved to Jacksonville, a city of around 2 million people, and I was/am quite dismayed at the lack of Aikido here. There is one ASU dojo an hour and a half away in Gainesville, but it is a University club and non-students are not allowed in the building except for seminars! In Jax, there are three small clubs, one USAF, one Suenaka, and one Yoshinkai - none of them have more than 3 regular students with more than a couple years experience... bearing in mind that the 'experience' here is mostly garnered from training a couple of times per week with mostly beginners.

I used to live in Madison, WI - population of around 200,000 plus UW students, or one tenth the size of Jax. There were 2 USAF clubs there, one much bigger than any of them here, and one real ASU dojo with 2 5th dans, several other yudansha, and about 70 or 80 students.

I think the problem is largely Florida culture. Namely, where I live, there isn't any. I hear things are different in southern FL, but I can't drive 3 hours plus each way to train or catch shows on a regular basis.
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