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Keith Larman
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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Ricky Wood wrote: View Post
Hey Keith,
Did you ever make it to Bosco Baek's classes? I'm gonna get my motorcycle license soon so I can afford the trip to LA and start classes I think.
No, I was told he had stopped taking on new students or something along those lines. Add into the equation that I've been too busy and been dealing with some recurring physical problems. So I've been spending more time with my Physical therapist than training lately. Can't work and earn money if my body is beat up. So the priority for now has been getting healthy again. Once I can get and stay relatively healthy and they figure out what's going on with my back I'll try to start getting out a bit more again. But it has been a sort of hit and miss thing for me the last few years. Lots of injuries combined with a hard to treat myopathy has made for a somewhat difficult training regimen.