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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Actually Reeling Silk is a mistranslation: it should be Stealing Rilke, as everything you need to know about internal strength can be found in the Duino Elegies (at least, according to my friend Hans, who knows some people, can use a keyboard, and has read some books):

Weißt du's noch nicht? Wirf aus den Armen die Leere
zu den Räumen hinzu, die wir atmen

(Do you not know yet? Throw the emptiness out of your arms to add to the spaces we breathe)

Wie der Pfeil die Sehne besteht, um gesammelt im Absprung
mehr zu sein als er selbst. Denn Bleiben ist nirgends.

(As the arrow endures the bow, so as to be, in its flight, something more than itself? For staying is nowhere.)

Die ewige Strömung
reißt durch beide Bereiche alle Alter
immer mit sich und übertönt sie in beiden.

(The eternal current
sweeps all the ages, within it, through both the spheres,
forever, and resounds above them in both.)

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