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Keith Larman
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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Chi is the gas created by the food we eat
Internal power is the control of orifices as it comes out of our bodies.
Fajing is how far it can project and clear a room.
Just to clarify, this is according to my readings and discussions with those in CMA I know.

Maybe I need to make new friends.
Ahhhhh... So my wife was trying to help me develop more internal strength when she gave me two "wraps" done up with these newfangled "high fiber/whole grain/freakishly modified" tortilla like things. Those suckers had a ton of fiber, apparently, most from inulin or something like that. Good, lord, I felt like the Hindenburg. "No, don't light that!!!! AIIIIEIEEEEIEIEIEIEIE!!!! PHWOOM!"

I'm assuming a prolific poster is pontificating on the topic (ah, the joys of the ignore feature). Now to find those tortilla like things and sneak them into the trash. That can't be real food no matter how much "internal power" they create. Even my dogs are offended...