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Re: Unhappy being pushed to test

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
... I personally want to walk away confident that I've earned everything I've achieved through honest effort, rather than being gifted for some economic or political reason.
In my experience there is always some scope whether grading a person now or than.
And that scope can not only be used depending on the individual, but also depending on the "social" aspects of a dojo.

And another thought: Very very seldom in my experience teacher and student agree on the right moment of grading.

My limited experience suggests that only one in ten new students will stick around beyond the first test, regardless of gender,
In our dojo nearly 100% of those who become gokyu stay for a long time.

I have strong doubts that creating a cadre of artificial Amazons will change that
I think it is important to have graded women as a "model".
And we are lucky not only to have such women our dojo, but also in the dojo of our teacher. And we have some very good women as teachers in our federatio, who run their own dojo.
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