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Re: Shihonage Ukemi

Rabih Shanshiry wrote: View Post

From your experience and the teachings of your Yoshinkan line, what is the benefit to being taken down onto the shoulders without the butt first dropping as in a standard koho ukemi?

Why do you/we do it that way?

First, its my kihon. Our oyo waza version is generally considered the kuzushi, katahizatsuki variaiton. Second, its a softer and safer landing for uke as long as shite has control Third, there is more control by shite. Since this is kihon, there is a right and wrong way to do nage, osae, ukemi, etc. This version ensures shite has katameru before "throwing" uke. Obviously, if shite was going to actually throw uke, vice taking him to the ground, this might not be the best way to fall..I could do it, but I'm young, somewhat flexible, and have good control when doing ukemi.

Its basically the same thing Ando Sensei's uke was doing, except as soon as his shoulders hit he immediately pops his hips out, the presure release comes into play as you see his legs kick out...from what I can tell at least.

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