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Re: Unhappy being pushed to test

I went back and re-read "Promotion Reluctant's" original post when this started to devolve into a gender issue discussion. I was struck by a particular line "He's decided to push a few of the female mid-rank students through their belts faster hoping that a few 1stkyu/shodan women around the dojo might encourage the newbies to stick around." That suggests to me that PR has some real knowledge of her sensei's thought process. If she actually knows that is his motivation, I can understand her reluctance. I personally want to walk away confident that I've earned everything I've achieved through honest effort, rather than being gifted for some economic or political reason. If such is the case, then PR enjoys my respect and admiration for not buying into what I consider an artificial and demeaning situation.

On the other hand, if PR is simply guessing what her sensei's intent is, she should clear the air and explain her perception and concerns. She could be wrong and truly ready for advancement.

If it is the former, then he will be disappointed with the result. My limited experience suggests that only one in ten new students will stick around beyond the first test, regardless of gender, and it appears that less than one in a hundred will ever see shodan. I have strong doubts that creating a cadre of artificial Amazons will change that and he will end up with some less than stellar yudansha. Then again, I could be wrong.....

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