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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

Internal Chinese martial arts are very popular, with millions of people practicing and teaching them all over the world. With that said, even among them and the known experts internal power who have written books there is a variety opinions and interpretations. There are many feats that catch attention that are attributed to internal power.

Again, say a home run, or a cross court shoot that is all net. Or someone in football seemingly making an incredible touch down by escaping the tackle attempts, or braking though a bunch of linemen. Or the redirection of a thrown baseball in mid-air. When such things are not really seen on how the results came about they are attributed to and termed as internal power when associated with MA.

Not all roads lead to Rome, or any road for that matter leads to Rome. Internal power something build like a road or a object like Rome. That is Internal power, i.e. blowing expelled air forcefully, etc.,process isn't readily observed, yet the observable result of power is noted. For instance, the explanation of the candles going out without touching them is because I used my internal power. I inhaled and forceful blew out the candles. Though all the observers only noticed my exhale and distracting ornate body movements of building up Chi that accompanied the feat. Internal power than has no roads. Rather, possibly a matter of foot prints.