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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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With that said, I'm curious as to what kinds of cultivating methods are out there, what they teach, what they do, and why.
There are plenty of teachers of 'internal strength' out there, but definitions of 'internal strength' tend to vary. I think you should ask yourself: what do I want to learn exactly and who can teach it to me?

what the specific parts in my own training are that I should look out for
What does your training consist of?

As for the final question: what practice has benefitted you personally?
Any practice I know how to do somewhat properly. Zhan Zhuang comes to mind, although that's not a very helpful answer. It's like saying that running did great wonders for my health. What kind of running, what technique, how often do you train, how did it improve my health exactly, etc.?

What things should I look out for? What things should I experiment with and seek out, in your opinion? And, of course, why?
Meet as much people as you can that claim to have internal strength. Mike Sigman, Akuzawa and Dan Harden are know here as 'having the goods'. Go meet them. Go to seminars of big names of martial arts that are known for internal strength. Process all the information acquired as critically as possible and determine your next step.