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C. David Henderson
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Re: Unhappy being pushed to test

I posted this article,, a while back to a thread Janet started. It was written by a professional woman mtn biker -- a "serious student" of that sport by any estimate.

Her point seems to be that women may tend to have different responses to learning how to do dangerous things than men "generally" do, and that many women may learn more effectively if this different set of responses is understood.

Working with the grain and not against it, so to speak.

Is this sexist or feminist? Is it restricting or liberating?

I could see how this kind of description might be misused to pigeon-hole women and restrict a woman's training.

But it seemed to me the author's point was "hey, there's a better way for a bunch of us to learn than we're used to."

Ultimately, it shouldn't matter whether that "bunch of us" is composed completely of women or contains all women -- I'm sure neither is true, based on the kinds of reactions I've seen on the mat from beginners training.

But perhaps that "bunch of us" -- whoever it turns out to be-- has something to gain from having a different model to work with.


David Henderson
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