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For shihonage throw, I'd still react differently. I'm still seeing room in the video, at least in theory, for a softer, wider fall. I'd like to try and work out with this specific shihonage for the perspective. It is frustrating that I can't, I can't really speculate beyond that I prefer different ukemi. Without actually applying the technique, it makes things hard to speculate.
That's a good point and it is another reason that getting out to other dojo within your art and other dojo outside the art, opens our minds to other possibilities.
If you are lucky, you can get people to allow you to explore options in throws/counters etc. There are some ukemi you will never be able to take from certain approaches.
This is one of the reasons that more learned people continue to question many locks and throws and positioning within their arts. It comes from a broader experience base. It also allows you to look at and truly understand in a more non-prejudicial manner, the strengths in your own art and others.
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