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Re: Shihonage Ukemi

@Maggie and Ashley, I think Carsten is right in that the Yoshinkan execution may be different - especially since the technique being discussed here is the shihonage pin - not the throw.

Since shi'te (nage) controls uke all the way to the ground, there is no way to do a forward roll or "kotegaeshi" breakfall (hyaku ukemi) if the technique is done properly.

The problem occurs when the technique is not done correctly and uke is put in a position where injury might occur to their arm. That's why Ellis trains his students to anticipate taking a "kotegaeshi" breakfall until you are at a point in the technique where you know you will not be injured (and the breakfall isn't an option). Then you take a backward breakfall (koho ukemi) by dropping your butt to the matt (similar to video #2 in the OP).


For those who have Ellis's "Ukemi from the Ground Up," he starts this discussion at the 1 hour 15 minute mark.

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