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Basia Halliop
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Re: Unhappy being pushed to test

Coming to the exam; I'd also feel rather unhappy if I was awarded a rank because the teacher wants high ranking is like this quota issue in politics or business. If you have a policy of having at least 35 % of women in top ranges of management/ government or whatever, everyone starts immediately to question if they arrive there because of merits or because of the quota. And the person herself couldn't be sure if she was chosen because of gender or because of qualification. That does not exactly boost self-esteem....
Yes, totally... and if they want to encourage beginning females students and give them confidence in their potential, having a bunch of female shodans that are clearly worse than the male ones isn't exactly going to be encouraging to the beginners... .

Sounds like simply teaching everyone better ukemi would be a lot more helpful....

This is assuming the poster's interpretation is correct, though. It's always possible she's misinterpreting the situation and she's just being asked to progress quickly because she's learning more quickly than she realizes or something like that.
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