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Re: Shihonage Ukemi

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Why does ukemi always lead to falling down?
Why fall down at all?
Is there a reason...not to stay standing up?
Why allow the elbow to be drawn out from the body at all?
Why allow the arm to be placed across Ukes body line at all?
Can someone explain that?

I totally agree that we should be learning how to neutralize attacks via aiki. It makes perfect sense. A crude analogy being learning to make posion without being taught the antidote. Not a really good idea.

That said - don't you think there is still a place for traditional ukemi in that most people on the street will not be trained fighters or aiki masters able to neutralize a well executed technique? Therefore, there is some benefit for shi'te (nage) to learn how to take the opponent to the ground. Without a cooperative uke willing to go the ground, it makes the kata training difficult. I think there is also a benefit for uke learning how to properly fall to avoid injury for those times when you are not able to neutralize the attack.

Overall, your point is well is taken and I do agree we should be training "aiki ukemi" - which is non-existent in today's Aikido as far as I can see.


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