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Re: Shihonage Ukemi

Rabih….I agree with much of what Ellis stated. However more than anything I try to stay with the technique as much as possible and not predetermine my response. I definitely don’t allow myself to be extended though and I position my body to counter either upright or on the ground. I also don’t take impact to my joints or bone.
My reasons for falling down /cooperating to a certain degree are:
- To allow my partner to practice the principle(s) we are working on
- Allow myself to feel gaps in my partners technique and have opportunities to counter
- Work on my body structure and flexibility
But as my partner becomes more versed in what we are doing, I don’t give myself up as much. Neutralizing my partner while we are working on certain aspects can be counter-productive to our mutual learning. There is a time for practicing neutralization my very limited opinion.
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