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Re: Unhappy being pushed to test

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
There is only one adult-female student in my school, me! (there is a female Sensei however.) so when the newbie male students refuse to give honest attack and choose to "baby" their movements for me, I feel inclined to demonstrate that I in fact did earn my rank. It isn't always easy convincing young strong males that they have to respect a 5'2" female on the mat.(for some reason they tend to think that babying women IS respecting them. They don't seem to understand that in this context it is in fact insulting.)
Interesting problem for beginners. Attack honestly and get wiped out for "challenging" and being resistant, most folks learn to avoid this style quickly. Give the wimpy attacks that seem to be expected and get an emotional reaction from someone demonstrating their rank. Giving the desired attack, in my experience, at an aikido dojo is much harder than doing the waza. I don't see how beginners can be expected to do it.
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