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What paths lead to internal power??

OK.. So I'm getting inspired by all that 'internal power' stuff.

Whatever it is, I'm open to seeking it out and experimenting with whatever I find, and that's exactly why I've made this thread.

With that said, I'm curious as to what kinds of cultivating methods are out there, what they teach, what they do, and why.
So I'd love some feedback on those things. Just to get some reference materials as to what training opportunities I should look out for, what the specific parts in my own training are that I should look out for, and just to get a broad overview of what this thing really is, what it can do, and why I should look out for it.

Also, since I do know about the IHTBF rule, you won't need to point it out to me . I'm not here to ask for the nitty-gritty details about this internal power stuff because I don't have an illusion about figuring this stuff out for myself. I will get round to feeling it.

As for the final question: what practice has benefitted you personally? What things should I look out for? What things should I experiment with and seek out, in your opinion? And, of course, why?

Now, I realize this may be a bit much to answer, so feel free to leave out whatever question you want...
...except for the 'why'-questions I'd say those are more than essential

Sincerely yours,