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Re: Would the Ikkyo pin work in MMA?

I first want to say that I respect the competitive arts. I like to watch a good fight. I like sportsmanship.
I think my only point on the matter is that competition effectiveness does not necessarily equate martial effectiveness. ..and vise verse at times. There is much that Aikido trains in that is illegal in a ring, and much that MMA train in, or neglect to train in, that would be fatal in other settings.

Many schools are competitive Karate do not teach you to block the face. Why? Because hitting the face is illegal in competition, so why bother teaching you to guard your mug? There is actually an advantage in not guarding your face in that instance, because an illegal punch to the face will result in your opponent's disqualification and dismissal making you the winner by fowl.

I've said it before,
if all I wanted out of my martial training was to win a boxing match, I believe I'd learn how to box.
If all I wanted out of my martial training was to defeating an attacker, I might buy a gun.

And if all I want out of my martial training is to study Budo, I might just reside myself to Aikido, without being seduced by titles, trophies or bragging rights.
I just don't see the place for these things in a Budo...I see the sincere and rightful place in a boxing ring or MMA cage, but not in a Budo. Aikido shouldn't have any summit to mark "the best" or the "champion", in my opinion. I mean, once you hit the summit the only place to go is down hill. A competitive art can work that way and retain its soul, because its soul is in sportsmanship. So therefore the comparative question is "Where is Aikido's soul?"
I've answered that for myself, and in my answer there wasn't any of my training I could justify spending on figuring out how to pin Tito Ortiz in an Ikkyo.

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