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Re: Would the Ikkyo pin work in MMA?

I have harped on this way too much in another thread but it does bear weight here, Ikkyo comes from feudal jujitsu that was battlefield tested. Therefore, we know that it has viable application. It is a proven technique. A proven technique that was created, applied and dictated under the feudal battlefield or other feudal situations. Which Maggie pointed out and I will reiterate it was not designed for modern cage fighting. Yet, the principles and concept applied to the waza that developed on the feudal battlefield can apply today in the cage, on the street, etc.

We may no longer have a use for the original waza under the original perimeters of feudal combat; the sword is long gone as the primer battlefield weapon of Japan. But, we can use that waza and model it and adapt it to conditions that will fit in our modern world. In some circumstances we transfer the body of the waza alter it to fit those needs. In other cases, it is the principles of the waza we transfer only to fit other needs.

With that said, yes, Ikkyo pin is applicable to MMA. Will it be recognizable? Maybe depending on how well it is practiced and executed in its original context. But again Ikkyo isn't designed for cage fighting and has a different dynamic. If principles are applied they may not be as readily recognizable, or go undetected.

The nature of the question itself demonstrates a possible growing interest and acceptance of Aikido as a viable resource for MMA practitioners.
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