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Re: Would the Ikkyo pin work in MMA?

Russell, you bring up some good points for sure. Situation definitely dictates what is appropriate and what is not. I agree, if I was faced with several assailants or the potential is there, then I am probably going to result to things that are a little more brutal and that will quickly lead to the assailant inoperable to fight with as little of investment as possible.

Ikkyo pin requires a great deal of investment. However, think back to the era that it came from. You might be dealing with multiple opponents that were armed, dangerous and skilled. Facing a skilled swordsman would require, IMO, a great deal of investment of yourself in order to keep him from hurting you. Not saying that a complete ikkyo to the pin is the answer, but the UNDERSTANDING of the dynamics of ikkyo, is VERY important.

I can tell you from my Combatives experience that Ikkyo is an important concept to understand. That is, entering against a skilled attacker that is armed. You must be able to enter (irimi) and the deal with the weapon. Ikkyo IMO is a very important aspect.

That said, I am not saying that Ikkyo as a technique needs to be followed to the letter as in the way we practice it in Kata, but the understanding of the basic concept and spectrum of Ikkyo.

I think alot of aikido gets taken to parochial and too literally. again, IMO, it is the understanding of the dynamics of principle that is what is important.

Where you stop it on the spectrum is dictated by your experience and the dynamics of the situation in which you are involved.

It may end with you throwing a chair or a pipe wrench at the guy, or attacking him with a bat or stick or it may actually end up all the way on the ground with you grappling over the weapon and immobilizing him.

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