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Re: Talk or not to talk?

The difficulty with this topic is that for every learning style that exists, there are just as varied teaching styles. To further compound the issue, learning a martial art in general requires more than just cognition and logical processes. Emotion is at play here.

How do you teach koshi nage to someone who is reluctant to doing breakfalls? This is an example of where establishing trust becomes vital. As we're all students, both parties (learner and teacher) have to operate under the premise that breaking bones doesn't offer a good learning experience so the teacher has to be careful (talking uke slowly through the act of doing the technique - creating the trust). And uke has just as much of a role in offering a sincere attack which enables the technique to be executed properly and *safely*.

So, ultimately I think everything has to be balanced. Explaining a technique should lead to action and performing the technique should lead to more questions for further understanding.
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