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Keith Larman
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Re: Can't find colored jos, so...........

And fwiw, I have carved kanji into my jo on the "kissaki" end. Just because that's my jo and that's the kissaki. It feels right that way vs. the other. And I can easily make some newbie realize it's my jo during practice and not one of the zillion dojo jo. So quit putting it on the rack and give it back to me! Sheesh...

Look, folks, do it however you'd like. Some styles do make distinctions between ends. If your style doesn't, cool, don't worry about it. If your style does, great, enjoy your training.

I've got one jo that has a really small knot in the wood grain near what I consider the tip. Habit. Kata. Training. Do it more. Rinse, repeat. Do what your sensei says (rather than mine or someone else's) and get better at it.


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