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Re: How to Handle Know It All Student?

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Just tell them to shut up and train. Getting corrections is a good thing from sempai, but you really need to get the repetitions in to figure things out.

Good Luck,

I so agree!! I have done that to a fellow aikidoka the school I train at. (Keeping in mind that I have several more months of experiance,a test and prior learning of that technique over him. ) He kept correcting me at a clininc after we had been shown Wakigatame. I tolf him to please just be quiet and let me figure it out. When that didn't work I called the demonstrating sensei over and told him the guys critique and asked him to explain it. He watched my technique and said that it was fine for my level. The kid said sorry and now I very much enjoy him as a partner. So, to tye it back into the thread, ask sensei over and explain the persons crutique and see if it's ligit. Hopefully it works

"Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment."
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