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Neil Mick
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No, Michael, you don't see Israeli's cheering in the streets, on 9-11. I doubt there were many. The Israeli leadership was sure delighted, though: this was their "green-light" to push further into Palestine.

Neither did you see the Palestinian families who prayed for Americans after 9-11...with good reason (and yes: there were some. Palestinians do not all hate Americans). The mass media has a vested interest in pushing our sympathies away from Palestine (please: don't believe me. Just go and count the pro-Palestinian stories, against the pro-Israeli stories in, say, The New York Times, over a week).

I apologize for underestimating you, Michael, that is not my intention. Some of your previous comments betray a certain tendency to be one-sided and pro-American, "right or wrong."

I think that's great, that you were raised with Palestinian kids, but have you spoken to someone from there recently? Since the Intifada? I think that things are very different there now, than when you were young.
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