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Re: aikido politics - implications on training opportunities

thank you everyone for your responses. a lot of what you've shared have shed some light on this issue for me now. i was a little unsure about whether it was appropriate to name up, but it appears that it is of more common knowledge than i expected.

yes, i was worried about the Australian Aikikai's policy under Sugano Shihan re: this matter in particular. I'm moving to Melbourne, and it would appear that most of the dojos near where i'll be are mostly Aikikai, and i would really like to train there, but as i've alluded to before, i'm not quite sure if i'm ready to swear off my right to train with others, especially at the occasional seminars.

this feels like a very big commitment. much bigger than i feel ready to make especially not having build any strong ties with them in the first place.

although i appreciate now that this is more than just simple politics at play, it still does not make my decision any easier.

jeez - i really just want to train. i will eventually have to make up my own mind i'm sure, but just in case i get any gems of wisdom here, do people have any advice on what i can/should do?
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