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Greg Jennings
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Do symbol Domo, Domo Arigato (Say that with an Elvis accent)

akiy wrote:
Hi Greg,

Sounds like you had a great seminar. I congratulate you, your teacher, and everyone else who made the seminar a success.
-- Jun
Thank you Jun. It was great. One word that comes to mind is "charmed". It was like the Aikido Fairy Godmother sprinkled the "success" pixie dust on the seminar. Everything went right, or at least recovered well from initially going wrong.

I had several goals for this seminar. Far and away the most important was addressed by Calhoun Sensei in his remarks.

akiy wrote:

May you have many more seminars like this at your dojo.
-- Jun
I have plans, both near and long term, for future seminars.

There are issues to be solved:

o If we fly in a Sensei, say from the SF Bay area, I feel we'll have to put on a five class seminar (two days or two days plus Friday evening) to justify the fee we'll have to charge to cover the Sensei's travel expenses and give them a small honorarium.

o Then, because our dojo being at a Christian church we'll have to rent a facility because Sunday would be nixed.

o Mats would be a concern in any case.

Both might be covered by leasing my daughter's gymnastics facility. We could handle almost 50 people. Anything over 30 would be economically viable.

Etc, etc. I'm sure you're familiar with all this with three Aikido-L seminars under your belt now.

On the plus side, Montgomery is cheaper to fly into than high-demand destinations and lodging is way cheaper than most places. We're only two hours from Atlanta, where there are quite a few Aikido dojo. We have one of the nicest Shakespeare parks in the country. What a great place to have a weapons class! See for a picture, for the homepage.

Dang. I'm gushing. I guess you can tell I'm excited.


Greg Jennings
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