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Benjamin Green
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Re: Words like God and Ki

I think a lot of the ambiguity is disinformation. When you have charlatans telling people to 'extend Ki' in order to gloss over deficits either in the movement itself or in the understanding of that movement, then it's hard to credit anyone of using the term truthfully even when they are. Especially if you don't know what the term is meant to refer to in the first place.

With physics there's proof. Someone punches you in the face then what you're being taught doesn't work - at least not as advertised. With Ki if a movement doesn't work; well you're not extending enough Ki, do it for another ten years and it will work really well, we pinky-swear. Not that I'm saying it doesn't exist or anything like that, but due to its vague meaning and largely subjective experience it's a convenient term for those who are dishonest.
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