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Re: Training fees

I am luck. We have a not for profit dojo. Not only that we have a rent free environment. Members bring a case of water from time to time, but that’s it. Here is the greatest irony of all: of all the instructors in my city, and of all the disciplines taught - my instructor has the most unbelievable linage of anyone I have ever talked to. Serving in the Airforce in the late 60s he approached a gentleman about learning Aikido. He called the Doshu. Within a few days he trained with a bevy of first generation students. He trained extensively in Japan and then in Hawaii.

I understand that dojos often need to rent space, and even if the instructor(s) earn a living from instructing. I belief is that training should always be of the highest quality possible.

Remember Bruce Lee taught many people in his driveway. Many people have mats in basements and garages. I began training in the yard with my Grandfather when I was a kid. Quality instruction is not tied to the facility.

I think if someone is going to charge others for training it should be worth the money. I also believe that everyone is an instructor for everyone else.

As for the "noobs" - we are all a noob to someone else - regardless of skill and years in training.

Just me $.02 -

Oh, if you would like high quality "free" training - come to Capital City Aikido in Montgomery, Alabama.
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