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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

I advocate that we should endeavor to act appropriately within our moral, social, and humantarian circles of influence. Some of our actions are governed by law, some by our faith, some by our morals, and some are governed by other areas of influence within our lives. Our actions are fallible and subject to hypocracy, if not social, moral or legal retribution.

The quantification (or comparative justification) of a discouraged activity is simply a petition for absolution of guilt and responsibility. I argue that we are concerned with justifying to ourselves our actions. Every thing we do seemed like it was a good idea right? The simple fact is that people make mistakes every day. The nature of vices is that of corruption, which is why many people choose to avoid or minimize their exposure to vices. Can some people navigate their behavior to allow greater interaction with vice-like behavior? Absolutely. This is why most of us take a live and let live stance on many vice behaviors...we understand there are those who can control their interaction and exposure to vice behaviors and undertake them in a responsible manner. We also expect they accept the responsibilty for the consequences, accidental or otherwise, derived from their behavior. But then there are people who don't.

To return to the OP, in this thread we are talking about smoking marijuana in association with attending class. Looking at it another way... would you smoke pot in front of your children, your peers, the police? Or, is this a question that is acceptible to ask because of the perceived lattitude towards that behavior? I believe smoking marijuana is at best socially acceptable only in certain social circles.

I will say that if I choose not to smoke, I will never need to accept responsibilty for injuring someone while under the influence of drugs. Similarly, if I choose not to drink and drive I will never need to accept responsibility for killing someone while under the influence of alcohol. I have seen too many friends destroyed by drugs and alcohol so I choose not to allow those elements to influence my behavior.
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