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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Maggie Schill wrote: View Post
Bad is bad in my opinion. Regardless of the degree.
What about differences in kind? Do you see a difference between bad morals and bad breath? Bad self-care and bad faith? Bad driving and bad bank robbery?

Yeah smoking pot isn't as bad as cheating on your wife when it comes to the social consequences. But it doesn't make harming yourself any less tragic.
So then, if the harm is the source of tragedy (which in turn somehow intimates a moral dimension, I suppose), doesn't it matter in terms of the "tragedy" (along with any and all of its moral implications) whether the harms are similar or different -- in degree or in kind?

12pm is brighter than 12am... they are both still 12 o'clock.
A social convention; they are different "times of day." Just like using the same word "bad" to describe someone who is a poor driver and someone who commits murder.

Doing drugs isn't as bad as killing a child


They are both bad for the human heart. My grandfather said "There's no such thing as a little cyanide." There's no such thing in my opinion as "a little bad for the human heart." It's in your best interest to avoid both murder and drug use to be healthy.
1. Kind of like saying a trip to the store and a trip around the world are both trips -- they require movement.

2. If you are going to avoid all behavior that you judge just a "little bad for the heart," I suspect that's going to include a lot of stuff. Why would you suppose everything on your list is on everyone's list? Should the lists be the same?

3. So murder is unhealthy? Hence tragic? Hence bad? Or is murder just bad irrespective of whether it harms the murderer? Murder is to be "avoided?" Or is it better expressed -- "Thou shalt not kill?"

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