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Russ Q
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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Hi Matthew,

I didn't give your reply an answer:

The reason I asked the "good reason" question is that stewardship of one's health is a key responsibility of a martial artist. Those things which are harmful to one's health, therefore, ought only be undertaken by a martial artist for a very good reason, a reason which outweighs the responsibility of stewardship of one's health. Personally, I don't think "because it feels good" is such a reason.
Your statement seems logical and obvious, however, I would caution anyone making up "Rules and Responsibilities" of the martial artist.....simply because they don't necessarily apply to everyone (especially in different cultural contexts). Re: the arrogant and narrow minded high ranking you have nothing to learn from them? Does their arrogance preclude them from being excellent martial artists? If nothing else, you observe them and say "I won't be like that...." Do the living shihan you like their scotch and tobacco get kicked out of the budo club because they don't live up to everyone's standards.....?

It's a given that taking a mind altering substance and then training is a bad idea but, what someone does outside the dojo, the personal choices that person makes, are really not IMHO up for anyone else to judge....until you've walked a mile in their shoes and all that....


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