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aikido politics - implications on training opportunities

i'm moving interstate within Australia very soon, and plan to continue with my aikido training. unfortunately, the place where i'll be going will not have any dojos under my current umbrella organisation. i have no qualms training in another good dojo, but i've heard that some dojos/organisations are very political and will forbid their students to train anywhere else.

having a strong attachment to my previous dojo, i would obviously love to drop by once in a while, and attend the occasional national seminars/gasshukus when possible.

the biggest issue seems to be that this is not unique to the occasional, parochial dojos; but apparently the biggest/main aikido organisation in the country is in fact the biggest stickler about that policy.

i must admit that this is just hearsay at the moment for me as i haven't approached any of these dojos yet, but i've met at least about a dozen aikidoka who have trained under that organisation who have told me the same, and i'm quite concerned about that.

does anyone have specific experience/insight about the matter and would be happy to provide for some advice?

thanks in advance.
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