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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

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To be fair, the comment I addressed wasn't in response to the OP. Instead, it suggested the previous post, whicht compared pot to other "casual vices" in our society, fairly had invited the question --"Just because one person does something wrong, is that a justification for another person?"

If one accepts the idea that "live and let live" applies to this issue, then it implies smoking pot isn't as bad as adulery or some other "objective sin." It also implies the comment did not invite the rhetorical question in response, because "live and let live" was pretty much the point being made.
Bad is bad in my opinion. Regardless of the degree. Yeah smoking pot isn't as bad as cheating on your wife when it comes to the social consequences. But it doesn't make harming yourself any less tragic.
12pm is brighter than 12am... they are both still 12 o'clock.

Doing drugs isn't as bad as killing a child. They are both bad for the human heart. My grandfather said "There's no such thing as a little cyanide." There's no such thing in my opinion as "a little bad for the human heart." It's in your best interest to avoid both murder and drug use to be healthy.

Frankly a rule of thumb, if you know it is bad for you, try avoiding it.
Everyone makes mistakes and has temptation. We will all fail in these areas, but there should be a rational understanding that we shouldn't fool ourselves into believing that there is such a think as "just a little wrong."

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