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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

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A closer analogy would be, "Should politician x condemn politician y for committing a particular act when x has done the same or its equivalent?" It suggests, I think, a different answer to most people.
I think he should disapprove regardless of whether or not he's also committed that sin...because it is wrong, objectively.

I've lied before in my life, yet I hate being lied to.
I rather be thought of as a hypocrite then embrace what is objectively wrong.
There's a lot of freedom frankly in accepting your failures, declaring that you are a hypocrite, you are flawed, yet despite those failures you still believe in the better angels of the human nature.

I believe in living and let living. I do not condemn those who use drugs. However, if there is a difference between condemning those who use drugs, and condemning drug use. I can love and man and hate his actions.(Every mother, father, teacher and dog owner knows this expression of love.)
And if the question is "does pot enhance you study of Aikido" the answer is no for reasons I've thus state in previous posts.

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